Efficacy improvement of solar air collector systems – Abstract

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Cuong et al., 2020. Volume 22(2): 1-10

Open Access – Research Article

Improvement of Flat Solar Air Collector Systems Varies With Structural and Material Modifications

Do Minh Cuong 1,*, Nguyen Thi Ngoc 1, Tran Duc Hanh 1, Dang Duy Phuoc 1
1 Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University, Vietnam

Abstract: This study was performed to evaluate the thermal parameters of solar air collectors in Vietnam. Three flat plate solar air collectors were fabricated and tested at Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. The research was comprised of three tilt angles, absorbent materials and height on the temperature of the outlet air, absorber plate surface and glass surface of the collectors. Similar, the variation of temperature was measured when collector structures and materials were changed at specific locations in the collector. Results show that the temperature of outlet air, absorber plate surface and glass surface was strongly affected by changing the structure and materials of the collectors. The outlet air temperature measured at the collector output increases (3°C) when the tilt angle of collector increases from 20o to 40o. However, there was no difference in collector using an absorbent sheet (V-groove black painted iron tole) as compared to V-groove black painted fibre-cement sheet. However, it is always higher than the collector using the non-painted fibre-cement sheet (up to 17oC). Besides, the outlet air temperature increases with placing at a higher height of the collector. Thus, the results confirm that the thermal parameters of solar air collectors depend on collector structures and materials. The V-groove black painted fibre-cement sheet could be used as good absorber material for the design of the solar air collector and solar flat-plate air collectors.

Keywords: Solar air collector, fibre-cement sheet, solar energy, black painted iron tole, thermal parameter.

*Corresponding author: Do Minh  Cuong: dominhcuong@huaf.edu.vn

Cite this article as Cuong, D.M., N.T. Ngoc, T.D. Hanh and D.D. Phuoc. 2020. Efficacy improvement of flat solar air collector systems varies with structural and material modification. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 22(2):1-10.

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