Changes in Climatic Parameters in Lahore, Pakistan – Abstract

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Ghafoor and Nawaz, 2020. Volume 22(3): 23-33

Open Access – Research Article

Changes in Climatic Parameters in Metropolitan City of Lahore, Pakistan
Amjad Ghafoor1, Rab Nawaz2,*

1Department of Environmental Management, National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E), Lahore, Pakistan
2Department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Lahore, Pakistan

Abstract: Anthropogenic activities have offset the balance of the earth’s energy resulting in changing climatic conditions. Climate change is a relatively new concept and is directly related to our livelihoods and needs to be studied to form mitigation and adaptation policies. This study was conducted to assess climatic changes in the Metropolitan City of Lahore, Pakistan. A thirty-one year data (1985-2015) of daily minimum and daily maximum temperatures and daily rainfall was collected from Regional Meteorological Center (RMC), Lahore. Statistical analysis was done using MS-excel and different values like mean, standard deviation, diurnal temperature range (DTR), and anomaly were estimated. Results showed that Lahore was getting more rainfall and the rainy season had widened. The months of June and September had gone wetter. The hottest year recorded was 2009, when the mean temperature was 25.54oC. A reduction of -1.32 oC in DTR and a 52 mm increase in rainfall has been witnessed.

Keywords: Diurnal Temperature; Precipitation; Seasons; Climate Change; Atmospheric Science.

*Corresponding author: Rab Nawaz:

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Ghafoor, A. and R. Nawaz. 2020. Changes in climatic parameters in metropolitan city of Lahore, Pakistan. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 22(3): 23-33
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