Potato efficiency under Organic Soil Amendment & Deficit Irrigation – Abstract

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Zahalan and Al Zoubi, 2021. Volume 23(1&2): 11-18

Open Access – Research Article

Effect of Organic Soil Amendment and Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Irrigation Efficiency of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.)

Riham Zahalan 1,*, Muhammad Manhal Al Zoubi 1
1General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research. Administration of Natural Resources Research, Damascus, Syria

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during 2016/2017 growing seasons in Hout Research Station, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Syria, to study the effect of improving soil physical properties with compost of town refuse (CTR) and deficit irrigation on potato crop yield and water use efficiency and compare its effect with common mineral fertilizer. Three levels of CTR amendments in addition to mineral treatment were applied to potato crop, crop was also exposed to three levels of irrigation i.e., deficit irrigation I3(50% of crop evapotranspiration (ETc) requirement), I2(75% of ETc), and full irrigation treatment 100% of ETc. Data regarding soil organic matter (SOM) content, total available water (TAW), crop actual evapotranspiration (Eta), final crop yield, irrigation water use efficiencies (WUE – IWUE), and crop response factor to deficit irrigation (Ky) were recorded. The results showed a significant improvement in soil physical properties on crop tolerance of water stress and recorded values of crop response factor to deficit irrigation Ky= 0.24, WUE=8.45, IWUE=9.41 in I2F1(75% irrigation and double amount of CTR) with 25% reduction in irrigation water requirement (469.72 mm) and crop yield of 35.28 ton/ha during the second year of study. Soil organic amendment ensures the potential of applying deficit irrigation technique on sensitive crops and CTR as beneficial and cost-effective recycling organic amendment. In addition, results of this research have widened the possibilities for farmers in potato growing according to locally available resources.

Keywords: Compost of town refuse, Deficit irrigation, Readily Available water, water stress

*Corresponding author: Riham Zahalan: rihamzah7@gmail.com

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