Post-emergence Herbicides Against Weeds – Abstract

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Karim et al., 2022. Volume 24(1&2): 10-17

Open Access – Research Article

Comparative Efficacy of Different Post-Emergence Herbicides for Controlling Broad Leave Weeds in Wheat Under Agro-Ecological Conditions Of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan

Faiz Karim 1, Rabia Bibi 1, Muhammad Kashif Nadeem 1, Zakria Yousuf Hassan 1

1 Adaptive Research Station, Dera Ghazi Khan 32200, Pakistan

Abstract: The efficacy of various post-emergence herbicides (T1), aminoclopyrald + Floraxypyre (cleanwave150 EC) @ 800 ml /ha, (T2), Fluroxypryre+ MCPA (strain M 50 EC) 750 ml/ha, (T3) Clopyrald+ Floraxypyre+ Tribenuraon (whearstar 66 WPG) @ 500g/ha, (T4), Metsulfuran + tribenuran (Allymax @86 SG) @35 g ha-1, (4). Tribenuran methyl (smbex 75 % WGD) @75 g /ha, against a control were checked against broad leave weeds during the crop season Rabi 2019-2020. The experiment was conducted at two different sites of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan, i.e., Taunsa and Kot Chutta with six treatments and conducted in triplicate . The results revealed that broad leaf weed density significantly decrease by all herbicides as compared to control. However, whearstar (T3) were most effective for controlling all these weeds with maximum mortality 80.57 and 78.21 % and weeds control efficiency 96.9% and 98.1% without being phytotoxic to wheat crop. It also proved most significantly better to reduce the weeds biomass as compared to control. Spike bearing tillers (295.13 and 285) , spike length (16.84 and 15.98 cm), number of grains per spike (50.12 and 47.56) and 1000 grain weight (40.16 and 39.42 mg) on both sites, which ultimately enhanced the yield (5924.16 and 5575.4 kg/ha) as compared to control (3248.3 and 2949.7 kg/ha) on both sites.

Keywords: Herbicides efficacy, MCPA, post-emergence herbicides, wheat yield.

*Corresponding author: Faiz Kareem, email:      

Cite this article as: Karim, F., R. Bibi, M.K. Nadeem and Z.Y. Hassan. 2022. Comparative efficacy of different post-emergence herbicides for controlling broad leave weeds in wheat under agro-ecological conditions of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 24(1&2): 10-17.

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