MCQs General Agriculture [1]

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1. ________ describes the attempt of two or more organisms to utilize the same resource


2. __________________ can be reduced by cover crops


3. _____________is the scientific name for soybean


4. ________________is a small area where large number of endangered and threatened species are found among endemic species


5. _______is considered the father of modern insect taxonomy


6. The plants growing out of their proper place is_______


7. Crop rotations are designed to maintain__________


8. _______is the process by which plants regulate their water balance


9. ___________ is an example of the effect of high temperatures on the ripening of fruits and vegetables


10. ___________ is the disease caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum (a fungus) in banana plants


11. Tractor was invented in the year___________


12. ___________ crop is highly tolerant to high temperature


13. ……………is highly mobile nutrient in the soil


14. __________ is a common order of insects that includes locust, grasshoppers, crickets, and their relatives?


15. _____ is an oilseed crop known for its high concentration of oleic acid


16. Chlorophyll absorbs ________ color


17. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is approximately__________


18. Scientific name of jute is_______


19. _______ is not an oilseed crop


20. GMOs is abbreviation of ___________


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