MCQs Agronomy [2]

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Agronomy – Test 2

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1. _________is the most widely grown oilseed crop in the world?


2. _________ is a perennial plant


3. The ability of the seed to remain in a dormant state is _________


4. ________ is described by light wavelength


5. _________ is the botanical name of potato plant


6. ________ is the process in plants for movement of materials from leaves to other plant parts


7. Excessive accumulation of Na and Ca ions in the cell is very ………….


8. Pineapple is __________ type of plant


9. _______ is the botanical name for peanut plant


10. Insectivore plants generally found in ________ soils


11. The soil area around the roots generally called______________


12. __________ is called a weed


13. _______ is the role of root hairs in plants


14. ____________ is the main function of seeds


15. _________________ are some of the traditional weed management techniques in agriculture


16. Photorespiration takes place in ___________


17. High temperature causes increased _______ , leading to plant water stress


18. __________ is the botanical name of the tomato plant


19. What is CRISPR?


20. What is the goal of sustainable agriculture?


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