MCQs Agronomy [5]

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1. In Pakistan annual water flow from tube-wells is around_________________


2. Turning or bending of plants in response to a touch stimulus_________________


3. Phulkara is a cultivar of  ____________ crop


4. Average organic matter in Pakistani soils is_________________


5. ____________ is a legume species


6. TH-6 is a cultivar of  ____________ crop


7. Last emerged leaf in wheat and rice is called_________________


8. ________ is the impact of drought on crop growth


9. _________ is a heavy metal


10. _________________________ can be reduced by cover crops


11. ________ is outer seed coat


12. At high temperatures the rate of photosynthates translocation became______ in plant


13. Agriculture of Pakistan is characterized by_________


14. Botanical name of cultivated tobacco is ____________


15. ___________ is the process of producing food in plants


16. CPF is used for cultivars of  ____________ crop


17. Zadoks Scale describes _________________


18. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are set by___________


19. ___________ is the system of naming plants based on scientific rules


20. ________ describes attempt of two or more organisms to utilize the same resource


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