MCQs Agronomy [6]

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1. _________ plant has monocotyledonous seed


2. ____________fibre crop is also called golden fibre


3. Seed dormancy may be due to____________


4. _______ is not a fiber crop


5. _______ is a legume crop


6. Insects feeding on plants are called___________ insects


7. ___________is a mobile nutrient in soil


8. Common cause of seed and bud dormancy is presence of___________


9. ___________ is the major role of genetics in plant taxonomy


10. __________ is the CO2 fixation mechanism in maize plant


11. Plough is the main tool for_________


12. ___________ is the family of the bamboo plant


13. Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of plant disease?


14. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is located in _____


15. ______ is a climatic factor that directly influences all plant growth processes


16. __________ is the scientific name for the sunflower


17. Average weight of common tractor, used in agriculture, can be around __________


18. What is a pathogen?


19. GMOs is abbreviation of ___________


20. Scientific name of jute is_______


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