MCQs Agronomy [7]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Test Preparation

Agronomy – Test 7

1. ___________________ is the scientific name of common rice used as human food


2. ___________________ is a key contributor to the aroma of fragrant rice


3. ___________________ is a type of fragrance rice


4. ___________________ agricultural implement is not suitable to break the hard pan in the soil


5. _____________is the main factor that triggers phenological development of crops


6. _____________is the main function of the awn on a wheat plant


7. Biofortified rice with Vitamin-A enrichment is called  ___________________


8. BBCH scale is used to describe____________ of crops


9. _____________in the followings is not a type of wheat


10. What is the effect of Gibberellins on seed dormancy?


11. Largest consumer of rice is ___________________


12. After removing the husk, rice with bran is called  ___________________


13. ___________________ gene played a vital role in the Green Revolution


14. Major component of legume seeds is ___________________


15. ___________________ can be used to improve the structure of salt affected soils


16. ____________ is the plant’s response to gravity


17. ___________________ can be the chemicals used for disease control


18. Largest producer of rice is ___________________


19. Which plant hormone acts in concert with Gibberellins to promote stem elongation?


20. Which hormone is involved in the establishment and maintenance of dormancy?


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