MCQs Botany [3]

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Botany – Test 3

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1. ____________________ are nitrogenous bases in RNA


2. Plants exudate water from hydathodes is termed as __________


3. _______________ is the scientific name of Kiwi plant


4. Bacillus thuringiensis was named after the _____ where it was first discovered


5. _______________ is scientific name of strawberry plant


6. ____________ is the level of taxonomic study concerned with the biological aspects of taxa, including intraspecific populations, speciation, evolutionary rates and trends


7. ________ plants can tolerate higher concentration of salts


8. At____________ oC temperature water has maximum density


9. _________ plant has monocotyledonous seed


10. Function of DNA ligase during DNA replication is ___________________


11. Monohybrid cross involves__________________


12. The physical traits that appear in an individual as a result of its genotype are termed as__________


13. A phenomenon in which individuals mature as males and can later change to become functional females is called ___________


14. ________ is outer seed coat


15. __________ is the scientific name of common banana plant


16. Watson and Crick’s model of DNA was described in __________


17. Gregor Mendel was born in ________


18. ____________ is a legume species


19. _____________ is called the Tree of 21st century


20. ____________________ are nitrogenous bases in DNA


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