MCQs Entomology [1]

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1. _______is considered the father of entomology


2. ________ can be the main function of insects in an agricultural ecosystem


3. Insect blood does not_________________


4. ________ of the following insects is more resilient to high temperature environments


5. In insects_____________is the actual number of offspring produced and not the rate of reproduction


6. ____________insect exhibits social behavior


7. _________ are the main characteristic features of Insecta


8. _________ is the inactive phase in the life cycle of insects


9. _____________is the physiological maximum potential reproductive output of an individual (usually female) over its lifetime


10. ____________ likely to have the greatest impact on non-target organisms


11. The process by which animals develop specific behaviors through experience is _______behavior


12. _______________ is the order of thrips


13. ____________ is the primary factor contributing to the success of insects


14. ________ is the natural residence of an organism


15. ________ of the following insects play important role in soil fertility


16. What is primary function of wings in insects?


17. ___________ in agriculture is the major cause pest outbreaks


18. Quarantine of an insect pest involves________


19. _______________ insects do not have chewing/biting mouthparts


20. ________ insects / animals are active during twilight


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