MCQs General Agriculture [3]

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General Agriculture – Test 3

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1. Evapotranspiration is primarily driven by ——— energy


2. Objectives of seed certification include ________________________


3. __________ is the arrangement of soil particles into clumps or aggregates


4. __________ crops provide about half of the energy consumed by humans


5. GMO is abbreviation of ________________________


6.  ________ is the transfer of pollen from an anther of a flower on one plant to a stigma in a flower on a different plant


7.  ________ is the germplasm collected within the country


8. Sabz Pari is commonly used variety of _______________ in Punjab


9. In DNA adenine normally pairs with ___________


10.  Select the correct sequence of taxonomic classification


11. Gypsum is used to reclaim__________ 


12. _______ are rich source of vegetable proteins


13. ____________ is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere


14. __________ is the ability of a soil to resist any change in its pH 


15. In RNA cytosine generally pairs with _______


16. __________ are the smallest soil particles_


17. According to the Sustainable Development Goal 13, the biggest threat towards development is ________________________


18. Flower emasculation is performed through the removal of_______


19. Inflorescence of onion is called _______________- 


20.  ___________________ is considered as day neutral plant


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