MCQs General Agriculture [4]

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1. ____________is the botanical name for the common orange


2. _________ is the study of crop cultivation and management


3. ________ is the main impact of solar radiation on crop growth


4. ____________ is the ability of weeds to actively eliminate competition by producing toxins that enter the soil and prevent the normal  growth of other plants


5. Breaks down dead organic matter by fungi is called _________


6. _____________is the process of converting water from liquid phase to gaseous phase from any surface


7. ____________is the botanical name for the common apple tree


8. Study of interactions of crops with their environment is called_______


9. _______________is the process of breaking down food molecules into simpler compounds


10. Study of genetic structure and genetic variations in plants is called_______


11. _____________ is used as tobacco


12. Soil Fauna is present in ______________


13. _________ binomials have the same name used for both genus and species


14. What is the main role of phloem in plants?


15. __________ is the common name of Triticum dicoccum


16. Nitrogen in the soil can be from mineralization of __________


17. ____________developed the modern system of taxonomy of living organisms


18. What is the main role of xylem in plants?


19. _____________is the process of losing water through the leaves


20. Tractor was invented in the year___________


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