MCQs General Agriculture [6]

1. ______________is a magazine about agriculture, published by the Government of Punjab


2. ___________ of followings is not component organs of the grass leaf


3. A hairy and sickle-shaped organ that surrounds the culm is called___________


4. Pest outbreaks tend to occur when_____________


5. __________ soil component regulates soil holding water capacity


6. An insect must use both of its compound eyes (simultaneously) in order to perceive________________


7.                   fields may be better suited to applied research




8. __________ is NOT a chewing pest


9. __________ is the main function of soil organic matter


10. When clay and other soil particles adhere to form larger groupings or aggregates, thereby coarsening the soil texture and making heavier soils easier to cultivate, the process is called _____________________________


11. In most insects, the sense of smell is localized in the________________


12. ________________is the process by which soil particles are moved from one place to another by water or wind


13. A system in which solid or liquid particles are dispersed in a continuous phase (liquid, gas, or even solid) of different composition is called _____________________________


14. A projecting flap or collar located at the junction of the leaf-blade and leaf-sheath is called


15. ____________is a cultural method for controlling insects


16. Sugarcane pyrilla is a __________


17. Which of the following cell types is not found in a typical leaf structure?


18. _____________________is considered the Father of Modern Entomology


19. Chitin is a very important part of the insect’s exoskeleton because ________________


20. Trench Method is used for cultivation of _________ crop


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