MCQ Test Agronomy-9

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Agronomy – Test 9

MCQ Test Agronomy-9

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1. ___________________ directly affects the rate of crop evapotranspiration


2. _______________ duration represents time of Green Revolution


3. Hailstorms can have negative impact on crop production by______________


4. The point at which assimilation gains equal respiration losses is known as _______ point.


5. In cereals, high temperature during flowering can cause______________


6. Discipline that studies the relationship between agricultural production and climatic factors is called agricultural ____________________


7. _______________ was the main purpose of Green Revolution


8. Considering photosynthetic system, maize is a ______plant


9. Heavy soils on drying cracked are formed, causing very high initial _____ rate.



10. ___________ describes death of plant parts


11. Prolonged heatwave can impact crop production through____________________


12. Hurricanes or cyclones affect agriculture by ____________________


13. Optimum_______________ is critical for successful insect pollination


14.  ____________________ amount of energy is required to convert 10 g of liquid water into water vapors (at 20.0)


15. Excess of intense rainfall can cause______________



Solar radiation contributes more than _____% in the total energy input of the world 



17. When warm, saturated air mass replaces cool and dry air mass over a cool surface result in the formation of______ .


18. _______________ can play important role in disease spread in plants


19. An approach to optimize inputs and maximize yield through technology is called_____________


20. The word arid is associated with the deficiency of  ____________________


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