MCQ Test Agronomy-10

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Agronomy – Test 10

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1. _______________is the process by which plants release allelopathic chemicals into their environment,


2. ____________ is an example of allelopathic crop.


3. _________ is the king of cereal crops


4. _________ is the king of cereal crops


5. Strong winds affect crop growth through ____________


6. Amount of water that is stored in the soil depends on the water_______-


7. Allelopathic compounds include____________


8. ___________ is the relative length of daily light and dark periods.



______________is a potential negative effect of allelopathy in plants.


10. ____________ is an example of an allelopathic plant used for medicinal purposes.


11. ____________is a plant hormone that can have allelopathic effects on other plants


12. __________ is the aggregate of atmospheric conditions over a long period of time and larger area


13. The amount of precipitation taken in by the soil depends on ___________________.



14. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to ____________


15. __________ is the cropping system followed by an individual farmer



16. __________ is also called certified seed


17. Weed-crop competition is severe ___________________.



18. Chilling stress frequently damages ______________.


19. Green Revolution was __________________


20. Wheat is an example of ________ type of crop.


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