MCQs Botany [4]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Test Preparation

Botany, Plant Sciences

1. ____________ is the hormone responsible for apical dominance


2. Loss of water through stomata is called ___________


3. _________ is study of trees


4. ____________ is the water exuded by plants, usually during overcast nights, under warm and moist soil conditions


5. Chromosome number (2n) of Oats (Avena sativa)


6. Conversion liquid form of water to gaseous form, from any surface is called ___________


7. Imaginary lines running parallel to the equator is ___________


8. ____________ type of plants can have the lowest water use efficiency


9. ____________is the water uptake for resumption of metabolic activities in seeds


10. Chromosome number (2n) of Oryza sativa


11. The embryonic root that emerges first from the seed coat is ____________


12. ____________ is the study of plant pollen, spores and certain microscopic plankton organisms in both living and fossil form


13. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to ____________


14. Rapid breakdown of enzymes can occur due to high ___________.


15. Chromosome number (2n) of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)


16. _________ is the mutualistic relationships between fungi and the roots of plants


17. _________ is the process of growing plants in a specific shape or form


18. ____________is major storage carbohydrate in seeds


19. Plants can obtain nitrogen from the atmosphere through a process of ____________


20. ___________ are plant structures, responsible for producing new cells


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