MCQ Test Agronomy-11

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Agronomy – Test 11

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1. ______________ is the uptake of water by seeds


2. ______________ are plants that grow on the surface of other plants or structures, for physical support, but don’t harm obtained nutrients from their host.


3. __________climatic factor significantly influences crop water needs.


4. __________ irrigation system is also called trickle irrigation


5. __________is a condensed water droplet suspended in air in the lower atmosphere.


6. _________ is the primary factor influencing crop water requirements.


7. Manganese is involved in enzymatic metabolism of_________.


8. The ratio of actual evapotranspiration to potential evapotranspiration is called______________


9. Total dry matter produced by plants as result of photosynthesis and nutrient uptake is called ______________


10. ______________ is the part of the plumule which is just above the point of attachment of the cotyledon


11. ______________ is a manual technique of seed sowing, seed dropped in lines (in furrows)


12. ______________ is a mechanical technique of seed sowing, the seed is dropped using a pipe.


13. Through _____________plants can obtain nitrogen from the atmosphere


14. _________ is the unit commonly used to express crop water requirements.


15. In ___________crop plants are grown as a pure or solid stand of a species.


16. Sowing of seed with fertilizer application in a single operation is called_____________


17. _____________environmental factor has a significant influence on weed growth and distribution


18. ________________micronutrient plays a crucial role in chlorophyll synthesis.


19. ________________is a common characteristics of invasive weeds.


20. Weed dispersal is primarily through ________________?


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