MCQs General Agriculture [7]

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1. ___________ is / are the minor protein/s present in legume seeds


2. When mature fruit opens by splitting to release seeds is called__________________.


3. ____________is the major storage carbohydrate in cereal seeds


4. ___________ is / are the major protein/s present in legume seeds


5. Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations are expected to __________ plant photosynthesis


6. ____________ is a measurement of location east or west of the prime meridian at Greenwich, London, England


7. The first carbon dioxide acceptor in C4-plants is ____________


8. ____________ is not dependent on temperature


9. ________ is the main reason of global warming


10. The future food security mainly depends on _____


11. ____________ is height from sea level


12. In Pakistan water availability per person per annum is ________


13. ___________ is the final stage of fruit development in plants


14. Uptake of water for resumption of metabolic activities in seeds is called ___________.


15. Crops resilient to water shortage are generally called___________


16. ____________ is a measurement of a location north or south of the Equator


17. The first carbon dioxide acceptor in C3-plants is ____________


18. ________________is a primary air pollutant


19. ________ gas is generally released from agricultural fields under anaerobic conditions


20. Soil factors are also known as ________________


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