MCQs Agronomy [13]

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1. The differential growth response of the plants to light is termed as ___________________


2. Plant responses to duration of light and darkness is called  ___________________


3. Cotton is a _____ crop


4. ___________________is the transfer of pollen grain from anther to stigma of a flower


5. In Pakistan, ________ is the most grown (area basis) legume crop.


6. _____  requires external help (wind, insects, animals, water) to transfer pollen


7. Examples of CAM plants include_____________


8. Energy requirement of primary tillage implements is _____________ as compared to secondary tillage implements.


9. Secondary tillage implements include_____________


10. Coffee plants can be grouped into ___________________


11. _____________ are the plants with growth behavior where vegetative and reproductive stages continue simultaneously


12. ________ of the following insects acts as a vector/carrier for Cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV)


13. Exposure of prolonged periods of cold temperature required for flowering is called____________


14. ________ _ is the correct sequence largest wheat-producing countries (wheat grain produced) in the world.


15. Globally, ________ is the most grown (area basis) cereal crop.


16. ____________ is the state of soil when water table reaches rhizosphere in the soil


17. ________ of the following plants require more water for their normal growth and development.


18. In Pakistan, ________ is the most grown (area basis) legume crop.


19. Globally, ________ is the most grown (area basis) legume crop.


20. The ratio of absolute humidity to the maximum possible density of water vapors that air can hold at the same temperature is called____________


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