MCQs Entomology [4]

1. ___________ responses occur when predators interact with prey populations


2. Major reasons for pest outbreaks include_____________


3. ___________ structure is always associated with the Hymenoptera order of insects


4. _________is the function of micropyle in an insect’s egg


5. ___________ order of Insecta exclusively includes hematophagous insects


6. In an ant nest, all workers are _____________


7. ___________ order of insects exclusively includes parasites


8. __________ is the mode of action of organophosphate insecticides


9. Name the group of insects that rely on other means of locomotion than flying


10. An example of a biological control against insects is the use of ___


11. Main characteristic features of an Insect include_____________


12. Fly larvae (maggots) demonstrate a behavioral adaptation where they move away from light sources, which is an example of _____________


13. ____________insects feed on one type of food


14. Honeybee caste determination is primarily influenced by _______________


15. To survive and reproduce, some insects require aquatic environments during their life cycle. Among the following insect orders, which one is purely terrestrial in nature, without any aquatic stage in its life cycle.


16. Insects are considered to be beneficial because they are


17. Relative method(s) to assess economic threshold levels for an insect pest includes_______________


18. Insects having ___________ pass through the egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages in their life cycle.


19. Complete the statement with the most suitable option.
Elastic regions of the exoskeleton___


20. Odonata and Plecoptera orders of Insecta share some interesting similarities in their life cycles. Both orders have _____________


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