MCQs Environmental Science [1]

1. ____________among the lists easily biodegradable


2. Generally, pollution prevention is ______________ than pollution cleanup.


3. pH is negative log of _____________concentration


4. ___________ is a pollutant that resists degradation and its bread down can take years


5. Main focus of environment studies are _____________


6. 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP27 was held at __________________


7. Temperature decrease with increasing ____________


8. The UN ‘Agenda 2030’ for Sustainable Development commonly consists of _________ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


9. Maximum number of individuals an ecosystem can provide food support is called _____________


10. In Environmental Science COD is abbreviation of_________-


11. —————— microorganisms are directly or indirectly involved in the mineralization and immobilization of phosphorus in soil.


12. pH of acid rain is _____________


13. Microbial degradation of a pollutant is higher under ________ conditions.


14. Anthropogenic sources of environmental contamination are associated with _____________


15. In the population pyramid largest population is generally at the _______________


16. ____________ ________ describes the attempt of two or more organisms to utilize the resources from a place


17. Acid rain can cause damage to _____________


18. _____________ are the animals get their food from plants and animals


19. Acid rain is caused by the release of ______________ in the atmosphere


20. The species are _________ if they persist at such a reduced number that their effect on other species is negligible


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