MCQs Environmental Science [3]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Environmental Science
Soil Science, Sustainable agriculture, weathering, erosion, nutrients, pedogenesis, soil formation, texture, structure, organic matter, pores, Environmental Science, Climate Change

1. Based on orbital altitude, GPS satellites are _____________ type of satellites.


2. Based on movement, ____________ satellites are stationary.


3. _____________ type of satellites are generally preferred for Earth observation


4. ____________ type of satellites experience more Weather interference


5. ______________ was the first artificial satellite in the human history


6. ______________ of the following lacks energy to ionize biomolecules


7. _________ of the following is not a major greenhouse gas


8. Plant of ________________ generally used as green manuring


9. ______________ of the following has maximum energy and highest ionization capacity


10. The normal altitude of a GPS satellite is about _________________ km


11. Decomposition of biodegradable solid waste by earthworms is called______________


12. Vermicompost is an example of ______________


13. _________ is involved in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere


14. ___________ of the following is not included in practices of organic farming


15. Eutrophication is due to an increase in_____________


16. Remote sensing involves measuring and analyzing _______________  emitted or reflected from the target


17. _________ is not an adverse effect potentially associated with global warming


18. ___________ has the lowest greenhouse potential


19. Orbital period of GPS satellite is around _________________ hours


20. The GPS system was originally developed for__________ purpose.


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