MCQs Agronomy [14]

1. APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator) was developed in ____________


2. ___________ is the center of origin of pearl millet


3. ___________ is the most critical crop growth stage of wheat for water requirement


4. Rice is cultivated in the latitudes of___________


5. _________ is dominant crop of Mexico


6. ___________ is a multipurpose crop


7. ______ describe a plant’s response to gravity


8. Photoperiodically rice is a _________ plant


9. ______ micronutrient is involved in the root nodulation in pulses


10. Cowpea seed contains average ________% of protein


11. ___________ is called queen of fodder crops


12. _________ is a plant growth habit describes a plant that grows on another plant but does not derive nutrients from it


13. _________ is not a type of plant growth habit


14. Soybean seed contains average ________% of oil


15. _________ are dominant crops of China


16. ___________ is an example of mimicry in the wheat field


17. ______ is the centre of rice origin


18. Cropping system followed by an individual farmer is called _________


19. ______ is a weather/climatic factor that directly influences all weather parameters


20. Globally rice is cultivated in more than __________ countries


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