MCQs Agronomy [15]

1. ____________ experience indeterminate growth pattern


2. Chromosome number (2n) of Oats (Avena sativa)


3. ____________is major storage carbohydrate in seeds


4. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject: Agriculture & Forestry (2023), _________ is ranked first in the world


5. Output data of crop models are affected by changing


6. ___________ are plant structures, responsible for producing new cells


7. _____________ is the most widely used crop model in the world


8. _______________are resilient to water shortage


9. Brassica juncea is the botanical name of ___________


10. ____________is the water uptake for resumption of metabolic activities in seeds


11. Pick the odd one


12. _______________ is height from sea level


13. Generally wheat absorbs nitrogen in the form of ________


14. ____________ is the hormone responsible for apical dominance


15. Crop models are_______ representation of a system


16. _______________ is the most critical growth stage of maize considering the irrigation water requirement


17. ____________ is a crop can attract certain insects


18. The main stem inhibits the growth of side branches is


19. Rice can absorb nitrogen in the form of ________


20. The embryonic root that emerges first from the seed coat is ____________


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