MCQs Botany [6]

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Botany, Plant Sciences

1. Vascular plants, with specialized tissues for transporting water and nutrients, appeared during __________ million years ago


2. ___________ are thick-walled spores, resistant to extremes of environments


3. Gymnosperms have been originated about __________________million years ago


4. ___________ is a type of plastids associated with the storage of oils and fats in the plants


5. If leaf lamina is segmented into more than one plane then the leaf is known as_____________


6. ___________ deals with the direct manipulation of an organism’s genetic makeup to introduce new traits or modify existing ones


7. _______ is the fusion of two non-flagellated gametes


8. Photosynthetic pigmented organelles within plastids are called ___________-


9. ___________ are specialized resting stages formed by some cyanobacteria


10. ___________ are spores produced by a single parent cell during asexual reproduction


11. ___________ are non-motile spores produced by some algae and protists


12. ___________ organisms that can tolerate high salts in the environment


13. _________ are photosynthetic pigments that absorb light energy and transfer it to a reaction center of “chlorophyll a”.


14. Organisms that can tolerate high temperature (45-65 °C) are called _____________


15. ___________ organisms prefer moderate temperature


16. Bristlecone Pines is known for its longevity, with record life of ________ years


17. Concerns surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) primarily focus on _____________


18. ___________ phenomenon describes the light production by living organisms


19. _________are living organisms that exist solely at the organelle level of organization


20. In angiosperms, sporophyte generation is ________________


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