MCQs Environmental Science [4]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Environmental Science
Soil Science, Sustainable agriculture, weathering, erosion, nutrients, pedogenesis, soil formation, texture, structure, organic matter, pores, Environmental Science, Climate Change

1. Munsell System provides a standardized and scientific language for describing __________


2. Considering the composition of soil air, it is _______ atmospheric air.


3. Dasht-e Margo (Desert of Death) is located in __________


4. _____ is a country (along with its territories) which covers the most time zone


5. United Nations declared 2024 as the International Year of _____________


6. ___________ is the smallest continent of earth, on total area basis


7. Victoria desert, with an area of more than 420,000 km2, is located in _____________


8. Nitrogen in the soil comes from mineralization of __________


9. The Suez Canal is located at the junction of ________________ continents


10. Silicon constitutes ____ of Earth’s crust


11. Aluminum constitutes ____ of Earth’s crust


12. ________ is celebrated as International Day of Forest


13. United Nations celebrated 2023 as the International Year of _____________


14. Oxygen constitutes ____ of Earth’s crust


15. __________ is a metal reduction column filled with silver


16. _______ is the most abundant element of entire Earth


17. ___________ have strong influence on soil color


18. ___________ is the largest continent of earth, on total area basis


19. Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following countries?


20. The Bosporus Strait connects _____________


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