MCQs General Agriculture [13]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Agriculture

1. If a solution has a pH of 5, the hydrogen ion concentration is ________ greater than a solution with a pH of 6.


2. _________ is the mutualistic relationships between fungi and the roots of plants


3. Lower soil pH describes ____________


4. ___________ , not available to plants


5. Soil pores are the spaces between soil particles that are filled with _________


6. Chromosome number (2n) of Oats (Avena sativa)


7. ______________  is the branch of agriculture deals with the study of crop management and production practices


8. _________ is the study of plant diseases and their management


9. ______________  is the most important cropping pattern of Central Punjab


10. ______________  is the pioneer country in hybrid rice production


11. Chromosome number (2n) of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)


12. _________ water is tightly bound to soil particles


13. _________ is the process of growing plants in a specific shape or form


14. ______________ is a linear, unbranched type of starch found in maize


15. Soil air and water comprise approximately _______of the total soil volume


16. ______________ is a branched type of starch found in maize


17. Maize endosperm is a rich source of ______________


18. The upper and most weathered part of the soil profile (A-horizons) is called _____


19. Rice can absorb nitrogen in the form of ________


20. ________ is the study of the origin, composition, distribution, and structure of rocks


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