MCQs General Agriculture [14]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Agriculture

1. __________ is the major reason for fruit shedding in cotton


2. ______________  is the vector of cotton leaf curl virus in Pakistan


3. A collective term for the leaves of a plant is called _________


4. ______________ equipment is used for the measurement of humidity


5. Selection of irrigation method depends on _________


6. ______________ enzyme is not involved in the process of germination


7. Hydrolysis is the reaction in which ______________


8. Sorghum inflorescence is called ___________


9. _________________ irrigation method can have the highest water use efficiency in hot and dry conditions of desert


10. One hectare is equal to _________ acres


11. ___________ irrigation method has the lowest water use efficiency


12. Rouging is intended to remover ____________ plants


13. Mouldboard plough is ________________ tillage implement


14. _________ is the physical condition of the soil in relation to plant growth


15. Soil structure can be improved with the addition of____________


16. __________is a not a macronutrient


17. Water losses through stomata is called____________


18. Rice crop experience more weed competition under which management practice?


19. _________ is the influence of plant roots and their associated microbes on the surrounding soil


20. Water movement inside the soil profile is called _____________


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