MCQs Horticulture [4]

1. Scientific name of water melon is ___________


2. _________ is the process of growing plants in a specific shape or form


3. __________is generally a day neutral plant.


4. ___________ of the following can fix atmospheric nitrogen through symbiotic nitrogen fixation.


5. _________is an example of monocot plant.


6. Which types of tomatoes are most commonly grown in vertical farming systems in Pakistan?


7. The minimum recommended isolation distance for self-pollinated vegetable seed crops can vary, however, generally kept around ____________ meters


8. Monoecious plants have male and female flowers/floral parts on __________


9. Although nitrogen is essential for plant growth, however, its excessive application can cause __________ in citrus plants.


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11. _________ is study of trees


12. ___________ of the following is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family.


13. ___________ is green and hard stage of date palm fruit


14. Scientific name of Pumpkin is ___________


15. Date fruit for curing is harvested at ______________stage.


16. Azotobacter is ________ that fixe atmospheric nitrogen in the soil


17. During stratification, i.e., pre-planting treatment applied to seeds, the most important factor includes__________


18. Scientific name of bitter gourd or Kareela is ___________


19.  Luffa is the genus of ___________


20. Azotobacter is ________ that fixe atmospheric nitrogen in the soil


21. _______ have the most suitable environmental conditions for deciduous plant


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