MCQs Horticulture [7]

1. _________ is NOT a common method of seed dispersal in flowering plants


2. ___________ does not exhibit partial senescence


3. A complete flower has ____________ number of floral whorls


4. ___________is a herbaceous perennial plant


5. Secondary dormancy in non-dormant seeds can be due to unfavorable ___________


6. Sex ratio in cucurbits is influenced by ____________


7. Cracking in tomato fruit is due to _________


8. Polyembryony means _________


9. How does flora help maintain the balance in an ecosystem?


10. _______________ is NOT a dicotyledonous plant


11. Mango propagation is more successful by_______________________


12. Garlic is usually commercially propagated through____________.


13. Citrus seeds are ________________


14. ___________is a major advantage of seeds enclosed in fruits in angiosperms


15. Plants bend or grow towards light is called_______________


16. _________ is a dicotyledonous vegetable


17. For optimal quality and freshness, the suitable time for the harvest of perishable fruits and vegetables is in the ___________


18. Peaches belong to family __________


19. An innate characteristic of a seed that prevents germination even when environmental conditions are favorable, is called _____________


20. Plants of_________ family produce some of the biggest fruits on Earth


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