MCQs Soil Science [2]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Soil Science
Soil Science, Sustainable agriculture, weathering, erosion, nutrients, pedogenesis, soil formation, texture, structure, organic matter, pores,

1. What is the impact of higher accumulation of Na and Ca ions in the cell, to plants?


2. __________ is the major constraint to crop productivity in arid climates


3. __________ generally have deep root system


4. Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for plants and plays a vital role in__________


5. ____________  is an essential nutrient which plays a vital role in cell wall


6. BOD is abbreviation of ____________


7. ____________of the following is NOT a type of root exudate released by plants into the rhizosphere


8. _____________ __________ is the arrangement of soil particles into aggregates or clumps


9. _____________ are microscopic extensions of root epidermal cells that increase the surface area for water and nutrient uptake



10. Soil testing is a valuable tool for assessing _______


11. __________ is the primary source of biological nitrogen fixation


12. Soil cracks are formed when wet soil is dried, which soil particles contribute more to formation these cracks?


13. __________ is the CO2 fixation mechanism in maize plant


14. Sustainable management practices for soil macronutrients can contribute  to_______


15. Soil having pH less than 7 is called ______________


16. __________is not a macronutrient


17. ________ plants can tolerate waterlogged conditions


18. Nitrogen in the soil comes from the mineralization of __________



19. __________ of the following influence the composition of soil air


20. _____________ of the following is not direct in contact with the soil



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