MCQs Entomology [7]

1. The equilibrium level in an insect population _________________


2. Which of these is NOT considered an insect growth regulator?


3. Fireflies use flashing patterns to attract mates. This behavior is an example of ____________


4. The most important vectors (transmission agents) of human disease would probably be ___________


5. Which of the following is NOT a common form of communication used by insects?


6. How would you classify the feeding strategy of green lacewing larvae?


7. When a ladybug is threatened by a predator, it secretes a foul-tasting liquid to discourage or deter it from attacking. This is an example of ___________ .


8. Pesticide formulations commonly incorporate a _______ to dilute the active ingredients to facilitate their practical application


9. What is the name given to the larval stage of a Green lacewing?


10. Chrysopa, also known as lacewings, play a valuable role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by acting as a __________


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