MCQs Entomology [8]

1. _________ is likely to cause more harm to non-target organisms compared to other pest control strategies.


2. ____ is a type of reproduction in which two or more individuals are produced from a single fertilized egg.



3. ______________ is considered as the carrier of “cotton leaf curl virus”


4. _____ refers to the strategic use of a combination of two or more pest control methods, excluding sole reliance on chemical pest control.


5. Zinc phosphide is a chemical compound used as a ___________


6. The use of X-ray irradiated flies for pest management is an example of ___________


7. In the context of a food chain, chrysopa would most likely be classified as a ________________


8. Lac culture is commercial rearing of _______


9. Lacewing larvae, possess sharp, sickle-like jaws for _____________


10. ________________ refers to the specific arrangement and number of bristles or setae (hairs) on an organism’s body and appendages. This characteristic is particularly important for classifying flies (Diptera) and mites.


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