MCQs Agronomy [18]

1. _________  are tiny extensions of root cells that increase the surface area for absorbing water and nutrients more efficiently.


2. In Pakistan agriculture is characterized by _______ main cropping season/s


3. Seed cotton means _________


4. _________ are underground stems that store nutrients and allow for vegetative reproduction


5. _____________ crop model simulates the growth and development of crops by considering the timing of key events, such as flowering and maturity, based on temperature and day length


6. Actual amount of moisture present in the air is called ___________


7. Inqlab-91 was a famous cultivar of ___________


8. The rate at which water moves through soil is called _________


9. Gossypium hirsutum is the botanical name of __________


10. Excessively high nutrient levels can lead to a a phenomenon in plant growth known
as ___________


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