MCQs Agronomy [22]

1. _____________ are among the five leading sugarcane producing countries


2. Adsali crop of sugarcane ripen in _____ months


3. ___________ crop requires soil preparation up to a shallow depth


4. Blind hoeing is normally carried out in __________ crop


5. Sugarcane can flower, producing a structure called a panicle. This panicle contains many tiny flowers that eventually form fluffy, hair-like seeds called _____________


6. Plant hormone ____________  promotes cell division and lateral growth


7. Total amount of water used by a crop for transpiration (released through leaves) and evaporation from the soil surface is called ___________


8. Botanical name of Indian cane is ___________


9. Plant hormone ___________ regulates seed and bud dormancy


10. Plants can utilize ________ water.


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