MCQs Agronomy [24]

1. Traditionally, around _____ of sugarcane juice is extracted from the canes using a bullock-drawn crusher


2. Plant hormone ____________  delays leaf senescence


3. Famous Indian Institute for Sugarcane Breeding is located in ____________


4. Wild sugarcane species is known as ____________


5. Removal of dried and older leaves in sugarcane is called _______


6. Based on current scientific evidence __________ is considered a potential center of origin for sugarcane


7. Late planting of autumn sugarcane reduces germination due to ____


8. Recommended seed rate of hybrid sunflower is ____________


9. Saccharum officinarum typically has a diploid chromosome number (2n) of ____________. However, some varieties may have a higher number due to polyploidy


10. The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is known for promoting ___________.


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