MCQs Agronomy [27]

1. ____________________ genetically modified (GM) cotton known for its resistance to insect pests


2. _____________ is sunlight that reaches Earth’s surface after being scattered by molecules and particles in the atmosphere


3. ___________ is the transport of the products of photosynthesis, from their production sites (source) to areas of need (sink), throughout the plant


4. Plant hormone ____________triggers a pathway that activates genes involved in nicotine biosynthesis


5. __________ of the following pigments is absent in the chloroplast


6. In ______________ airtight containers  are used for seed storage by creating a controlled atmosphere with low oxygen and low moisture content


7. A good yield of rice can be obtained, without or with limited addition of nitrogenous fertilizer. Select the most suitable option.




8. Germination of ____________ seeds is inhibited by light


9. How do auxins influence gravitropism in plant roots?


10. Primary function of secondary metabolites in plants is __________


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