Article Collection: Plant Nutrition

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
Article Collection: Plant Nutrition

Application of Sulphate of Potash Enhances Mungbean (Vigna radiata) Yield under Agroclimatic Conditions of Thal, Pakistan

 Ishtiaq Hussain, Ghulam Abbas, Jamshad Hussain, Zafar Abbas, Tahir Mehmood, Marghub Amer, Qaisar Maqsood, Irfan Rasool

2022 | Volume 24  | Issue 3&4  | Pages: 23-28 | [Abstract] [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Foliar Application of Phosphorous, Zinc, and Boron Enhances Cotton Production

Zafar Abbas, Ghulam Abbas, Jamshad Hussain, Tahir Mehmood, Marghub Amer, Sajjad Hussain, Muhammad Naveed Ahmad

2021 | Volume 23  | Issue 3&4  | Pages: 1-7 | [View Full-Text] [Citations] 

Bioactive-sulfur coated diammonium phosphate improves nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency and maize (Zea mays L.) yield

Bsma Sattar, Shakeel Ahmad, Ihsanullah Daur, Muhammad Baqir Hussain, Muqarrab Ali, Tanveer ul Haq, Muhammad Arif, Mahak Bakhtawer

2021 | Volume 23  | Issue 3&4  | Pages: 23-29 | [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Effects of fertilizer micro-dosing on grain yield of cereals and legumes in Western Niger, West Africa  

Illiassou Naroua, Souley Issaka, Addam Kiari Saidou, Issoufou Ali Rachida, Maman Sadi Souley, Jens B. Aune
Pages: 20-25 [Abstract]  [View Full-Text] [Citations]

2020 | Volume 22  | Issue 2  | Pages: 20-25| [Abstract]  [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Potassium Nutrient Management in Wheat through 4R Nutrient Stewardship

Humaira Ramzan, Mukkram Ali Tahir, Ghulam Abbas, Tahir Mehmood

2020 | Volume 22  | Issue 1  | Pages: 10-16 | [Abstract ] [View Full-Text][Citations]

Soil Physical Fertility Status and Management Prescription for Soil Sustaining Farms and Ranches in Abuja, Nigeria

Effiom E. Oku, Sarafina A. Emmanuel, Nkiruka C. Odoh, Barnabas I. Musa

2020 | Volume 22  | Issue 1  | Pages: 57-63| Abstract View Full-Text Citations 

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