JEAS Volume 10 (2017)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
Volume 10

1. Bhatt, R. 2017. Zero tillage impacts on soil environment and properties. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 10: 01-19. [Abstract] [View Full-Text][Citations] 

Title: Zero Tillage Impacts on Soil Environment and Properties

Authors: Rajan Bhatt

Pages: 01-19

2. Hoff, R., J.R. Ducati and A.R. Farias. 2017. GIS and remote sensing to support precision viticulture for analysis of vineyards in the Campanha Wine Region, Brazil. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 10: 20-32. [Abstract] [View Full-Text][Citations] 

Title: GIS and Remote Sensing to Support Precision Viticulture for Analysis of Vineyards in the Campanha Wine Region, Brazil

Authors: Rosemary Hoff, Jorge Ricardo Ducati, Andre Rodrigo Farias

Pages: 20-32

3. Hasnain, M., T.K. Babar, H. Karar, M.K. Nadeem, S. Nadeem, S.F. Ahmad and M. Ishfaq. 2017. Changes in height of pheromone traps affect the capture of male fruit fly, Bactrocera spp. (Diptera: Tephritidae). Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10: 33-39. [View Full-Text  Citations]

Title: Changes in Height of Pheromone Traps Affect the Capture of Male Fruit fly, Bactrocera spp. (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Authors: Muhammad Hasnain, Tousaf Khan Babar, Haider Karar, Muhammad Kashif Nadeem, Sajid Nadeem, Syed Faisal Ahmad and Muhammad Ishfaq

Pages: 33-39

4. Imran, M., A. Rauf, A. Imran, M. Nadeem, Z. Ahmad, M. Atif, M. Awais, M. Sami, M. Imran, Z. Fatima and A.B. Waqar. 2017. Health benefits of grapes polyphenols. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10: 40-51.. [ Abstract  View Full-Text  Citations]

Title: Health Benefits of Grapes Polyphenols

Authors: Muhammad Imran, Abdur Rauf, Ali Imran, Muhammad Nadeem, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Muhammad Atif, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Sami, Muhammad Imran, Zareen Fatima, Ahmed Bilal Waqar

Pages: 40-51

5. Makhlouf, M., A. Chebil, A. Frija and A. Benalaya. 2017. Value of virtual water applied for the production of strategic agricultural commodities of Tunisia. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10: 52-63. [View Full-Text  Citations]

Title: Value of Virtual Water Applied for the Production of Strategic Agricultural Commodities of Tunisia

Authors: Mariem Makhlouf, Ali Chebil, Aymen Frija, Abdalah Benalaya

Pages: 52-63

6. Mehmood, S., M. Akmal, M. Imtiaz, S. Bashir, M. Rizwan, Q. Shakeel, Q. Hussain, D.A. Saeed and S. Ali. 2017. Differential effect of wheat straw and sugarcane derived biochars on microbial and enzymatic activities of rain-fed soil. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10: 64-70. [View Full-Text  Citations]

Title: Differential Effect of Wheat Straw and Sugarcane Derived Biochars on Microbial and Enzymatic Activities of Rain-Fed Soil

Authors: Sajid Mehmood, Muhammad Akmal, Muhammad Imtiaz, Saqib Bashir, Muhammad
Rizwan, Qaiser Shakeel, Qaiser Hussain, Dawood Anser Saeed and Summaira Ali

Pages: 64-70

7. Ishfaq, M., M. Younas, M.Q. Waqar, U.I. Ahmed and M. Zia-ul-Hassan. 2017. Comparative analysis of wheat and brassica in terms of relative profitability: A case study of district Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10:71-77. [View Full-Text   Citations]

Title: Comparative Analysis of Wheat and Brassica in Terms of Relative Profitability: A Case Study of District Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Ishfaq, Muhammad Younas, Masood Qadir Waqar, Umar Ijaz Ahmed,
Muhammad Zia-ul-Hassan

Pages: 71-77

8. Akomolafe, G.F. and K.C. Onwusiri. 2017. Assessment of microalgae diversity and water salinity of a salt mine, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 10: 78-83. [View Full-Text   Citations

Title: Assessment of Microalgae Diversity and Water Salinity of a Salt Mine, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Authors: G. F Akomolafe and K.C. Onwusiri

Pages: 78-83

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