JEAS Volume 3 (2015)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
2015, Volume 3

Title: Poverty and Risk Attitude of Farmers in North-Central, Nigeria

Authors: Sulaiman Adesina Yusuf, Waheed Mobolaji Ashagidigbi and Dauda Pabir Bwala

Pages: 01-07

Title: Analysis of Genetic Proximity in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Genotypes

Authors: Muhammad Yussouf Saleem, Muhammad Asghar and Qumer Iqbal

Pages: 08-13

Title: Priming with Ascorbic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide improves Seedling Growth of Spring Maize at Suboptimal Temperature

Authors: Ijaz Ahmad, Shahzad Maqsood Ahmad Basra, Safdar Hussain, Syed Azhar Hussain, Hafez-ur-Rehman, Abdul Rehman and Amjad Ali

Pages: 14-22

Title: In vivo Stem pH can Testify the Acidification of the Maize Treated by Mycorrhizal and Microbial Consortium

Authors: Giorgio Masoero and Giusto Giovannetti

Pages: 23-30

Title: Food Insecurity and Coping Strategies by Micro Growers in Punjab, Pakistan

Authors: Umar Ijaz Ahmed, Liu Ying, and Muhammad Khalid Bashir

Pages: 31-34

Title: Effect of Plastic Mulch and Different Irrigation Practices on Soil Properties, Nutrient Contents and Their Availability in Maize

Authors: Shahid Mehmood, Tassadduq Rasool, Muhammad Iqbal, Mazhar Iqbal, Ihtisham ul Haq, Muhammad Sohail

Pages: 35-41

Title: Preharvest Factors Influencing the Postharvest Disease Development and Fruit Quality of Mango

Authors: Abdul Rehman, Aman Ullah Malik, Haider Ali, M. Waqar Alam1 and Bushra Sarfraz

Pages: 42-47

Title: Technical Efficiency And Its Determinants In Wheat Production: Evidence From The Southern Punjab, Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Sadiq Hashmi, Muhammad Asif Kamran, Khuda Bakhsh and Muhammad Amjad Bashir

Pages: 48-55

Arora, K., D.R. Batish, H.P. Singh and R.K. Kohli. 2015. Allelopathic potential of the essential oil of wild marigold (Tagetes minuta L.) against some invasive weeds. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 3:56-60. [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Title: Allelopathic Potential of the Essential Oil of Wild Marigold (Tagetes minuta L.) Against Some Invasive Weeds

Authors: Komal Arora, Daizy Rani Batish , Harminder Pal Singh and Ravinder Kumar Kohli

Pages: 56-60

Title: Development in the Production of Natural Sweetener (Stevia rebaudiana) in Bulgaria

Authors: Elena Nikolova

Pages: 61-71

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