JEAS Volume 8 (2016)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)
2016, Volume 8

Title: Effect of Olive Vegetation Water (Mills) Application on Macronutrient Contents of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Authors: Saime Seferoglu and Julide Firat

Pages: 01-06

Title: Effect of Soil Physicochemical Properties on Gum Production in Astragalus gossypinus in Tiran Rangelands, Iran

Authors: Habib Yazdanshenas, Mohammad Jafari, Hossein Azarnivand and Hossein Arzani

Pages: 07-13

Title: Combining Textile Effluent Wastewater with Organic Fertilizer for Improved Growth and Productivity of Wheat and Soil Health

Authors: Faraz Ahmed, Muhammad Arshad, Allah Ditta, Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Hasnain and Qudsia Nazir

Pages: 14-20

Title: Physicochemical Characteristics and Heavy Metals Concentration in Sub Surface Soil at Different Dumpsites in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria

Authors: Akinyinka Akinnusotu and Jacob Olalekan Arawande

Pages: 21-28

Title: Potential Significance of Adjunct Cultures and Raw Milk on Physicochemical Analysis of Cheddar Cheese

Authors: Tanveer Aslam Gondal, Nuzhat Huma, Saeed Akhtar, Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Imran, Ahmed Bilal Waqar, Ali Imran, and Muhammad Atif

Pages: 29-37

Title: Analytical Study of Drinking Water Quality Sources of Dighri Sub-division of Sindh, Pakistan

Authors: Amjad Hussain Memon, Gul Muneer Lund, Naseem Aslam Channa, Muhammad Younis, Sajjad Ali Shah and Fahim Buriro

Pages: 38-44

Title: Characteristics and Changes in SON Rainfall over Uganda (1901-2013)

Authors: Bob Alex Ogwang, Alex Nimusiima, Teddy Tindamanyire, Margaret N. Serwanga, Godwin Ayesiga, Moses Ojara, Fred Ssebabi, Gordon Gugwa, Yusuf Nsubuga, Rhoda Atim, Robert Kibwika, Joseph Kiwuwa Balikudembe, Herbert Kikonyogo, et al.

Pages: 45-53

Title: Forage Production and Pattern of Forage Quality Indices During Reproductive Development of Millet Genotypes

Authors: M. K. Ijaz, M. Tariq, M.A. Nadeem, M. Tahir, S. A. S. Shah and Adeel Anwer

Pages: 54-59

Title: Correlation Analysis of Yield with Qualitative and Quantitative Traits in Developing Cultivars of Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Authors: Abdul Razzaque Channa, Muhammad Waris Sanjrani, Hidayatullah Bhutto, Abdul Wahab Soomro, Muhammad Zahir Ahsan, Faiz Hussain Panhwar and Muhammad Saffar

Pages: 60-64

Title: Effects of Nitrogen Application Rates on the Yield of Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) in Kitchen Gardens

Authors: Daud Ahmad Awan, Faheem Ahmad, Tanzeela Nisar and Maira Junjua

Pages: 65-70

Title: Pathogens associated with wheat black-point disease and responsibility in pathogenesis

Authors: Ibrahim Sobhy Draz, Shokry Mohamed El-Gremi and Wassief Abd-Elsamad Youssef

Pages: 71-78

Title: Effect of Arsenic on Biochemicals and Antioxidant Enzymes in Two Species of Marchantia L. (Marchantiophyta): Role of enzymes in stress acclimatization

Authors: Geetgovind Sinam, Vinay Sahu, Namrata Pandey and A.K. Asthana

Pages: 79-85

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