JEAS Volume 9 (2016)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences 
2016, Volume 9

Title: Agrochemical and Agricultural Sustainability: A case study of Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Sadiq Hashmi

Pages: 01-09

Title: Estimation of Genetic Variation for Agro-Economic Traits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Authors: Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, Shah Jehan Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Sabir Hussain, Syed Awais Sajid Shah, Muhammad Attiq Sadiq, Muhammad Ashfaq, Farman Ali

Pages: 10-14

Title: Influence of Nursery Technique and Growing Media on Seedling Growth and Field Performance of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)

Authors: Ranjit Chatterjee and Dipika Mal

Pages: 15-20

Title: Plant species consumed by Ibex and chemical analysis of Saccharum ravennae L. from three different locations of Gilgit, Pakistan

Authors: Arshad Ali Shedayi, Sajida Begum, Sehrish Sadia, Ming Xu, Ihsan Ilahi

Pages: 21-27

Title: Indus Basin Irrigation System and Climatic Trends Regarding Glacial Regimes and Water Runoff

Authors: Umar Nawaz, Samawia Shahid, Rafiq Ahmad, Muhammad Usman Ibrahim, Aftab wajid, Abdul Manan, Muhammad Ibrar Qureshi

Pages: 28-36

Title: Biochar an Emerging Technology for Climate Change Mitigation

Authors: Fahd Rasul, Umair Gull, Muhammad Habib ur Rahman, Qaiser Hussain, Hassan Javed Chaudhary, Amar Matloob, Sobia Shahzad, Sumera Iqbal, Vakhtang Shelia, Sanwal Masood, Hassan Munir Bajwa

Pages: 37-43

Title: Evaluation of Autotoxic Potential of Johnsongrass and Its Integrated Application with Herbicides

Authors: Ayse Yazlik and Ylhan Uremis

Pages: 44-49

Title: Effect of Facilitative Interaction of Sorghum-Cowpea Intercrop on Sorghum Growth Rate and Yields

Authors: Andrew Ogolla Egesa, Steven Njeru Njagi, Catherine Wanjiku Muui

Pages: 50-58

Title: Impact of Agricultural Credit and its Nature on Agricultural Productivity: A Study of Agriculture

Authors: Sector of Pakistan Abdul Rauf Kashif, Noman Zafar, Farah Arzoo

Pages: 59-68

Title: Impacts of Solid Waste Management Practices on Environment and Public Health: A Case of Bahawalpur City, Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Mohsin, Annatoria Chinyama

Pages: 69-79

Title: Inhibition of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes and Improved Storability of Banana Fruit by Using Composite Edible Coatings

Authors: Mehdi Maqbool, Noosheen Zahid, Asgar Ali, Ajit Singh

Pages: 80-86

Title: Development and Quality Characteristics of Cereals-Legumes Blended Muffins

Authors: Tanzeel ur Rehman, Mian Kamran Sharif, Ali Imran, Muhammad Bilal Hussain, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Atif, Usman Naeem, Ahmed Bilal Waqar

Pages: 87-95

Title: Absorption and Transportation of Amino acids in animals: A Review

Authors: Nasir Ali Tauqir

Pages: 96-109

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