MCQs Agronomy [1]

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Agronomy – Test 1

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1. Which of the following can be recommended range of seed rate for wheat, in Punjab


2. _________weed has close morphological resemblance with wheat


3. Growing different crops each year can be called ___________


4. _______ is the field of study of the applications of computer models to simulate crop growth and development


5. Main benefit of using agrometeorology in agriculture is _______________


6. Which of the following crops is grown for vegetative parts only?


7. Concentration of nitrogen in the atmosphere is _______________________


8. ________ is the main impact of high temperature on crop growth


9. ___________ is the family of bean


10. ___________ is sum total of all conditions surrounding us at a specific time and location


11. ____________ is the process of water uptake by roots


12. __________ of the following combinations, are macronutrients


13. ____________ are the main characteristics of weeds, making them major problem in agriculture


14. ___________ is the family of maize


15. ________________is also termed as “muriate of potash”


16. __________ is primary tillage implements


17. _________ is a micronutrient


18. ____________ wheat variety has the highest yield potential


19. Mechanic manipulation of soil in relation to plant growth is called ___________


20. Mechanical manipulation of soil to make it better for crop production is ___________


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