MCQs General Agriculture [2]

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1. Fruiting branches in cotton are ______


2. _________________is a group of similar looking plants that has approved for general cultivation in an ecological zone


3. _________ is study of trees


4. Pome fruits include________


5. ____________ is the study of living organisms at cellular level


6. _______ is the most appropriate center of origin for maize


7. ____________is key nutrient for the regulation of water balance in plants


8. ___________ is the major role of genetics in plant taxonomy


9. Indus water treaty was signed in __________


10. _______ is the tendency of an offspring to resemble its parents


11. __________________ is the fundamental, structural and functional unit of living organisms


12. Function/s of seed___________________________


13. The phenotype realized depends on the____________


14. The petals of a flower are collectively called _________


15. Main function of mitochondria in cells is _________


16. Heterosis is __________


17. Techniques to increase genetic variability include__________


18. _______________ pollutant is resistant to degradation and takes years to break down


19. In RNA adenine generally pairs with _______


20. _______ is the alternate form of a gene


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  1. Trying to get the knowledge to secure my future because now my wrong attempts would be helpful in the future and I hope that students should take interest in such activities

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