MCQs General Agriculture [5]

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1. The plants growing out of their proper place is called _______


2. _____________ are specialized plant cells that produce and store milk-like and viscous plant exudates


3. Crescograph is used to measure the growth in ________________


4. ________________ is involved in the regulation of plant tropisms


5. ________________ is a pseudo cereal


6. ____________ three macronutrients required for healthy plant growth


7. Crop rotations are designed to maintain__________


8. Sunlight is a rich source of ____________


9. ________________ is a phospholipid serve as a rapid and transient signaling molecule upon stress responses


10. Plants can absorb nitrogen in the ionic form of ______________


11. _________________ is a stress-induced phytohormone


12. ______________ are oxygen-containing chemical species, they play crucial roles in cellular signaling


13. ______________ are intracellular immune receptors in plants, animals, and fungi


14. ______________ plant open its mouth when the insect sits on its lid


15. ________________ is a plant root growth stage of extremely slow growth


16. ________________ is involved in the regulation of fruit ripening and senescence


17. Which of the following water sample will freeze at last?


18. _______________ is a small area where large number of endangered and threatened species are found among endemic species


19. What is the function of guard cells in plant leaves?


20. ________________are simple organic chemicals produced by wildfires that stimulate germination of dormant seeds in the soil


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