MCQs General Agriculture [12]

1. ________ is a fungal partner in a lichen symbiosis


2. Members of genus Puccinia generally cause __________ disease in plants


3. ___________ is the family of bamboo plant


4. ______is the ability of soil to provide essential plant nutrients in available forms and a suitable balance.


5. The open water column of a large water body, excluding the bottom sediment and the shoreline, is called __________


6. ____________ nanometers wavelength range corresponds to light detectable by the human eye


7. ___________ is not member of Poaceae family of plants


8. The most abundant carbohydrates found in the cell wall are ______________


9. In mosses, ___________ is the dominant generation


10. ________ involves the growth of animal or plant cells in a controlled environment for research or production purposes.


11. ____________ is a type of carbohydrate with a primary function of energy storage in plants.


12. ________ involves microbial growth in a controlled, oxygen-limited environment to produce a desired product.


13. Panama disease is caused by ________


14. ____________ _ is a type of biomolecule that is not associated with plant pigmentation


15. Free-floating microscopic organisms are commonly known as __________


16. Growing plants without soil, using a nutrient-rich water solution delivered directly to the roots is called ________________


17. Revise this statement “All fertile soils are productive, and all productive soils are fertile”


18. ________ is an algal partner in a lichen symbiosis


19. ________ of these is not associated with vertical farming


20. Scale-like outgrowth devoid of vascular tissues is known as ___________________


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