MCQs Botany [7]

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Botany, Plant Sciences

1. _______ is an organism that lives on or inside the body of a different organism and obtains nutrients from it


2. Prosenchyma is a type of __________


3. Prosenchyma is a type of __________



4. ______________ received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1930), for his research into the constitution of haemin and chlorophyll and especially for his synthesis of haemin


5. ______________ received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1961), for his research on carbon dioxide assimilation in plants


6. Normal greenhouse effect is essential for life on Earth, trapping heat that keeps our planet warm, maintaining an average temperature ______.


7. _________ is the study of fungi


8. Glycosidic Linkage connects two ________________


9. Pollen grain formation is a key adaptation that allows plants to reproduce ____________, for fertilization.


10. ____ is credited with popularizing the concept, “All cells come from cells,” a foundational principle of Cell Theory”.


11. Heterosis is_______


12. ______________ received Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1915), for his research on plant pigments, especially chlorophyll


13. ______________ received shared Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1988), for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre”


14. _________ described massive water loss causing cell shrinkage


15. In DNA adenine generally pairs with _______


16. Azotobacter is ________ that fixe atmospheric nitrogen in the soil


17. _________ described water movement out of the cell


18. Eggplants belong to the ______________ family


19. A ____________ is a comprehensive written work that provides a detailed and authoritative account of a specific taxonomic group, such as a genus, family, or class


20. _________ can be associated with plant cell swelling


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