MCQs Horticulture [5]

1. _______  is a member of Solanaceae  family


2. Which of the following is a characteristic of dicots?


3. Red color in chilies is due to _________





4. Pungency in garlic is due to _________





5. Calyx and corolla together are called__________________?


6. Calvin cycle is a light-independent process that plants use to convert _____ into glucose.


7. _______ are a group of pigments found in many plants and fruits. They act as precursors to vitamin A, essential for vision and other bodily functions.


8. In flowering plants, ____________is a specialized outgrowth of parenchymatous tissue located on the inner wall of the ovary. Ovules, which develop into seeds after fertilization, are attached to ____________.


9. We eat many different parts of plants! ___________ is actually a fruit


10. In plants, ____________ is the process where pollen grains are transferred from the stamen (male part) of one flower to the stigma (female part) of a different plant.


11. Some flowers open or close in response to temperature changes. Rapid movements, generally non-direction, in response to temperature is called ____________


12. Indole-3-acetic acid is the most abundant naturally occurring ______ in plants



_______________ _ is the type of bond that links amino acids together in proteins


14. _________ is the enzyme responsible for CO2 fixation during the Calvin cycle


15. _______ is the movement of some organisms toward or away from a light source, often in response to finding favorable light conditions for growth or survival.





16. After developing inside a fruit or flower, seeds are dispersed by various mechanisms, known as ___________.


17. _______ is considered anti-sterility vitamin


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19. _____________ is a gaseous plant hormone


20. ________ is a condition with reduced chlorophyll contents


21. Pungency in chilies is due to _________





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