MCQs Horticulture [8]

1. Cultivar means____________


2. ________ of the following is not included in the indehiscent fruits


3. Technical name of Mulberry is ______________


4. _____ are simple fruits with a fleshy outer layer and a single hard pit enclosing the seed


5. _____ is the outermost layer of a fruit, forms the peel


6. Word POMUM is more related to _________


7. Which of the following plants is not a member Cucurbitaceae family?


8. __________ plants thrive in dry conditions with minimum water requirement


9. Technical name of pumpkin is ______________


10. Which part of the flower develops into a fruit after fertilization?


11. Fruit weight of a pumpkin can vary greatly, with some giants reaching up to ___ kg


12. A fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous is called ___________


13. __________ is the network of thread-like structures that make up the main body of a mushroom


14. In plants chilling injury normally occurs at temperature


15. Apple rootstocks are propagated asexually through a technique called ______________


16. The umbrella-shaped top part of the fruiting body of a mushroom is called a ________


17. __________ is technical name of watermelon


18. Mushrooms are members of ___ Kingdom


19. ________ of the following is not included in the fleshy fruits


20. Deficiency of ____________ can cause night blindness


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